Dental Digital X-rays


Dental X-rays



As part of your exam we will take an X-ray to better diagnose, treat, and monitor your dental health not visible with a simple oral exam.

We utilize state-of-the-art high quality digital imaging for diagnosing and treatment. This enables a fast and efficient process by allowing the image to be viewed instantly on a computer. We can accurately identify problems early in their development and also with the detailed images can precisely implement advanced dental procedures.

  • 3d scanning: One scan is sufficient for capturing the entire jaw, allowing the dentist to view all angles of a patients mouth.

  • Intra oral cameras allows the patients to see clear images of their entire mouth.

  • High image quality allows extremely precise diagnosis with this detailed image.


Procedure .

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  • Before your X-ray remove all metal objects. This includes glasses, hair clips, jewelry, and false teeth.

  • Let the dentist know if you are pregnant or have any internal medical devices.

  • The dentist will place a lead apron over your shoulders. You will place your chin on a chin rest and bite down on a bite guide. Their are also handles for you to hold onto, this will help you remain still and relaxed during the X-ray procedure.


Dental X-rays may reveal .

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  • Decay between the teeth.

  • Decay below the fillings.

  • Monitor bone loss caused by periodontal (gum) disease.

  • The position of impacted (unerupted) teeth.

  • Tooth and root positions.

  • Bite irregularities.

  • Nerve locations.

  • Tooth implants.

  • Tumors.


Patient benefits .

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  • Safety: Reduced radiation exposure than traditinal X-ray technology.

  • Shorter appointments with faster processing. Your imaging can be viewed on a computer instantly.

  • Images can be enlarged and enhanced for better viewing.

  • Images are stored digitally in your dental record for instant retrieval any time.


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