Routine Dental Exams

What to expect during your dental exam

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A comprehensive dental exam by your dentist is an important part of your overall health maintenance. During the exam Dr. Patel will examine your teeth and surrounding areas. After the examination the dentist will give you recommendations for treatment and preventive care.

During your first visit to Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry office you will need to fill out a patient form and go over your dental history. Patient Resources


Talking with your dentist

  • Your dentist will go over your overall health to determine a proper diagnosis and treatment.

  • Tell the dentist about your overall dental health and concerns you may have.

  • Any symptoms of pain or sensitivity you may have with your teeth and gums.

  • During your visit the dentist will go over your medical history, your current overall health, and medications your on.

  • Let the dentist know if you have any concerns or anxiety.

  • If you have physical limitations that may cause you discomfort during a procedure.


A Comprehensive and Periodic Examination

The examination may include X-rays and will check tooth decay, periodontal disease, and roots below the gumline for signs of infection and tooth structure. The X-ray will also give the dentist a view of the surrounding area including the jawbone and nerve locations.

  • Head and Neck: Check your temporormandibular (jaw) joint TMJ is working properly. check for swelling or tenderness which may be signs of an infection or disease. gums and teeth structure :

  • Inside of your mouth: Tongue, lips, cheeks, roof of your mouth.

  • Occlusion: exam your bite.

  • Teeth examination.

  • inter-oral imaging.

  • Teeth Cleaning.

  • Treatment and preventive care recommendations.


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