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The Causes of Bad Breath

Did you know that bad breath is an actual medical condition? There’s even a scientific word for it, “halitosis”, to show just how common it is! Bad breath can be embarrassing to have, but you don’t need to worry about it unless you start noticing that it’s occuring all the time. There are many reasons […]

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Remedies for a Burnt Tongue

Burning your tongue is one of the easiest ways to hurt your mouth. Just drinking a cup of hot chocolate can singe your taste buds and make your tongue feel painful, and with a more severe burn you may not even be able to taste as well for a few days. Thankfully, the mouth heals […]

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The Absolute Worst Drinks For Teeth

We all know the perils of eating sugary foods and how they can affect the health of our teeth. What we may not realize is that there are certain beverages that will do just the same. Sugary drinks can do much harm to dental health, and in a way that will surprise most. While the […]

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The Top Three Signs Of A Cavity

They are the four dreaded words that you do not want to hear when you visit the dentist. “You have a cavity!” Cavities are holes that form in teeth as a result of tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs as a result of not removing the items that form plaque on the teeth. Sugars combine with […]

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