Dental Implants: A permanent solution

October 23, 2018

What they are and how they help you

Your adult teeth are supposed to last you a lifetime. Unfortunately, permanent tooth loss can sometimes become a fact of life, due to a variety of circumstances.

Some of the factors that can cause missing teeth include:

  • Injuries or accidents
  • Tooth or gum disease
  • Poor dental hygiene, often caused by lack of access to dental care

Another reason for tooth loss is that they simply wear down with age. Perhaps the fact that people are living longer than ever contributes to tooth wear and loss.

The trouble with missing teeth

Of course, the most obvious problems caused by permanent tooth loss are a poor appearance, an imperfect smile, and the lack of self-esteem that goes with it. What you may not know is that missing teeth result in more than just an unsightly gap in your mouth.
Without a full set of teeth, you can experience a decline in general health, as well as the health of your other teeth. Gaps in your smile lead to impaired chewing ability, and can tip, crowd, or even cause you to lose more of your teeth in a domino effect.

Dental implants: A permanent solution

Unlike dentures, dental implants replace your missing teeth with permanent replacements that look and function just like real teeth, solving the issues associated with tooth loss.
Dental implants are substitute root structures that are surgically implanted in your gums to hold crowns, or replacement teeth, in place. While this may seem like a new solution, dental implants have been successfully used for more than 50 years.
A qualified cosmetic dentist can walk you through the options and procedures for getting dental implants, including the available shapes, sizes, and brands of implants.
You don’t have to suffer with missing teeth. Dental implants can restore your smile and your confidence.

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