Your Bi-Annual Dental Exam Is as Important as Your Physical

October 23, 2018

Every six months you get that card in the mail: Reminder – It’s time for your dental checkup. You think to yourself, I floss regularly, brush my teeth twice a day; I’m not in any sort of pain, so why do I need to go to the dentist every six months?

Your bi-annual dental exam is more important than you might realize. It’s the equivalent to your annual physical with your physician. During your annual physical your doctor takes your blood pressure, checks your weight, draws blood, and talks with you about any changes in your overall health and what steps need to be taken to address any health issues. Your annual physical helps you maintain your overall health.

Likewise, visiting your dentist every six months helps you maintain your overall dental health. By ensuring you see your dentist on a bi-annual basis, you can maintain the health and appearance of your teeth. These visits are an opportunity to identify any potential problems quickly and allow treatment to begin early. Visiting your dentist in Crystal Lake regularly also gives you the chance to receive a professional dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. This helps prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Just as your annual physical allows your physician to pinpoint any possible physical health issues, your bi-annual dental exam can also provide insight into your overall health. Studies show that gum disease, or periodontitis, may be a sign of other health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. Gum disease acts as a warning sign for what could possibly be a larger health issue. Therefore, keeping your bi-annual dental exams could help you identify a physical health issue early, allowing you to take steps to get the appropriate treatment.

Regular checkups also give you the chance to talk with your dentist about any dental health issues or symptoms that might be causing worry or pain and outline treatment options. You also have the opportunity to get advice from your dentist on how to maintain your dental health between visits. From the right way to floss to diet and lifestyle changes, your dentist can offer a wide range of advice during your bi-annual visits.

So, while you might be diligent about brushing your teeth and flossing, your bi-annual dental visits are just a critical to your dental health routine. In fact, you might even think of them as a physical for your mouth.

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